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Our range of instant hedging troughs are perfect for when an instant impact hedging solution is needed quickly. Many evergreen & deciduous hedging trees are grown in special 1m trough bags, these are easy to plant, cost effective, low maintenance and gives you that all important 'show garden' instant screen. These pre-clipped mature hedging units are grown for many years and clipped many times to create a true thick instant, impressive impact. Below you can view our full range of hedging troughs available from Buxus to Laurel, in many sizes for all budgets. Can be planted all year. Due to the long term method it takes to grow our instant hedging systems there is a minimum order quantity of 5 (5 x 1m troughs = 5m). However we offer superb discounts for larger orders. We offer supply solutions to all types customers, wether you're a private client, landscaper, developer or a project manager, please feel free to contact us today with your requirements.