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Polytunnel frames

Heavy duty galvanised tube

Modify your existing polytunnel or build your own from scratch with our heavy-duty galvanised tubing. These are the tubes we use to manufacture the polytunnel frames in our kits. You can use this tubing to strengthen your tunnel or to build structures within. And of course, it has a 1001 uses around the garden too. One of the great things about polytunnels is that you can create your own unique growing space. Use our heavy-duty tubing to make growing frames, to repair storm damage or simply to strengthen an aging structure that may be showing signs of wear. These industrial strength tubes are suitable for all applications.

Polytunnel frames by the metre

Our high tensile tubing can be purchased in varying lengths from 1.5 to 4 metres. You can see the full range below. Order today for fast delivery within the UK or should you need any further information before making your purchase don’t hesitate to contact us on 01485 601143.

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Heavy Duty Galvanised Tube

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