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English holly hedging and why you should plant it

English holly hedging and why you should plant it

8th Dec 2019

There are many different varieties of holly but English holly hedging is the classic beautifully looking plant that we all associate with Christmas. Though it looks wonderful all year round. But looks aren’t everything. English holly hedging is easy to grow, suitable for most conditions and even provides a secure barrier for properties.

In short, the humble holly has a lot going for it. In this post we’ll explain why you should consider this most English of hedging plants for your garden or next landscaping project.

Why we love English holly hedging

Also known as Ilex aquifolium English holly is a beautiful evergreen plant. Its dark green leaves are super glossy and in autumn and winter it produces masses of wonderful red berries.

One of the most attractive of hedges and often used in ornamental schemes English holly is of course very spiky. This makes it perfect if you want to create a privacy screen. Not only is it suitable for growing up to four or five metres the spiky foliage will keep any would be intruders out. And that includes larger animals as well as humans…

However, the berries are a favourite treat among wild birds and some smaller animals. So, you’ll be doing your bit to help sustain wildlife through the winter months. Your hedge will likely become a firm favourite with robins. And there can’t be a more heart-warming sight on a cold winter morning than a robin perched on a holly hedge.

English holly hedging looks fabulous all year round. But, of course, it comes into its own in winter. Holly is very much a part of a traditional British Christmas and you’ll be able to delight friends and family with homemade holly wreaths direct from your garden. And whilst crafting probably isn’t very high on the list of reasons why you’re planning a hedge it’s a nice little bonus.

Holly is so easy to grow

The great thing about English holly hedging is that it’s so easy to plant and grow. Especially if you buy our pot grown holly plants. You’ll receive well-established hedging trees in two litre pots all ready for you to plant.

You can plant this type of hedging virtually anywhere. If you’ve struggled to grow and maintain a good-looking hedge you need to try holly. It loves most sites including full sun or full shade. It can adapt to most soil types and won’t be phased by wetter conditions. Whether you have a rural, urban or coastal site English holly hedging will thrive just about anywhere.

Once planted holly hedging requires very little maintenance. And while it isn’t one of the fastest growing hedging plants it nevertheless will soon become a super thick and dense hedge. Which is why this variety of hedging isn’t just popular with gardeners but also with developers and landscapers too. If you need a physical barrier or an ornamental hedge in a hurry English holly will be a sure-fire winner.

Other types of holly hedging

When choosing holly hedging, you’re not restricted to the English variety. At Direct Plants we’ve a range of trees to choose from including Alaska and the unusual Japanese holly hedge.

If you need any advice on planting your hedging - or maybe you can’t quite decide which variety is best for you - don’t hesitate to call our team on 01485 601143 and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively drop us an email to and we’ll get straight back to you.

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