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Fastest Growing Climbing Plants

Fastest Growing Climbing Plants

22nd Mar 2020

Climbing plants are always popular. They're fun to grow, attractive and very versatile. Climbers add interest to any garden but they also provide screening for walls and fences. And of course, they'll add colour to structural features such as arbours, arches and pergolas.

With all that in mind it’s not surprising many gardeners love to grow climbing plants. They’ll incorporate them into every planting scheme. But some of us only resort to climbers when we get fed up with the sight of a shed wall, or there’s a gap in the border near the back fence. In those situations, we’re thinking short-term. We want and need instant results. After all, no one wants to look at an ugly shed wall for longer than they have too.

Inevitably then when we think of climbers, we want plants that will grow quickly. Of course, we want an attractive specimen as well but speed is important. Which is why we’ve put together this list of the fastest growing climbing plants - though they are all attractive and will look amazing in any space. Not just against the garage wall.

5 of the fastest growing climbing plants

Wisteria Rosea

If you’ve been wondering how to cover the wall of your new garage or how to disguise that ramshackle outbuilding this is the plant for you. Wisterias tend to be fast growing but the rosea is turbo-charged. It’s also visually stunning and produces dense clusters of scented pink flowers which show throughout spring to early summer. The wisteria rosea is ideal for covering structures or growing up a tree. It’s fully hardy and will thrive in most well-drained soils.

Campsis Radicans Flamenco Trumpet Vine

I have to confess this is a personal favourite. The trumpet vine is such an exotic plant and this is a fabulous example. Campsis radicans flamenco produces wonderful trumpet shaped flowers. The orange-pink blooms are just divine and especially attractive to hummingbirds as well as many more of our feathered friends. The trumpet vine is very fast growing and spreads quickly. It will cling to anything so you can trail it along a fence, over a garage or up trees or around arbors.

Clematis Montana Wilsonii

You know summer is here when you see the beautiful white star flowers of the clematis Montana wilsonii. What's more the flowers not only look attractive they are also very fragrant. By the way the green leaves too are very striking especially when they develop a bronze tinge. This wonderful example of clematis is one of the fastest growing climbing plants and is always popular with our staff and customers alike.

Chinese Wisteria

This is the second variety of wisteria to appear on our list of the fastest growing climbing plants. Wisteria sinensis, also known as Chinese wisteria, is a deciduous perennial plant which grows very quickly. Such is the speed and spread of its growth sinensis could be classed as invasive. If you grow this plant you do need to keep on top of your pruning regime. But it’s also a very rewarding plant. The blue flowers it produces look stunning though it can take the plant some time to fully mature.

Chocolate Vine

Let’s finish our list of the fastest growing climbing plants with one of the most unusual. Seeing the akeba quinata chocolate vine in British gardens is fairly rare. Which is a shame as this is an evergreen climber with attractive and distinctive green leaves and lovely dark (and very scented) flowers. The plant grows quickly and provides ideal cover for walls and structures like garages and sheds.

That’s just five of the many varieties of climbing plants we grow on our Norfolk nursery. To see the full selection, click here.

If you need any advice on which climbers are best for your garden, or would like some tips on how to get the best results from the plants we sell don’t hesitate to call us on 01485 601143 or drop us an email to [email protected] - we’d love to hear from you.

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